YOLO with hot pink and purple

I'm a big believer in the power of heels but of course I don't wear them all the time. I'm usually in flip flops, espadrilles, or boat shoes when I'm erm "off duty". Not off duty like a model, I mean off duty from work as in alila mode! That includes walking the dog twice a day, doing groceries, and various other errands that are part of running one's own household. 

Anyway the folks at Cushe sent me one of their shoes and I am currently deeply in like with it. It's so, well, cushy! As in! The foam on the sole is super soft and lightweight, it's like I'm walking on air! It's so soft it has to be illegal. :P This is the cushiest pair of shoes that I've ever tried. You can put that on record.

The secret to the softness

This is the perfect shoe for walking marathons at the mall or perhaps prepping for a big day or just really relaxing your feet when you need to. I particularly like to use this when I'm in the mall, also after a long day of wearing heels. They're so light, I can just stuff them in my bag and not feel the extra weight. Well I have small feet (size 5 or 6 depending) so I don't need to roll them up to fit them in my bag.

I was thinking of going for the black one at first, but you know what they say - YOLO! You only live once! So I went for the saccharine pink and purple combination. I feel silly in it and it's so hard to match with regular clothes, but whatever. It's a great feeling.

These espadrille - rubber shoes hybrid is just P1,890. That's fairly affordable considering how soft and sturdy they seem. :) I seriously want to buy the brown, just to switch things up! I told my mom I'd get her one as well since she's always complaining about sore feet. Definitely something to try!

Other styles for your reference: