Revlon Colorstay Longwear Nail Enamel swatches and review

I've been doing this for four years but I still get giddy whenever I receive a product that everyone seems to love. I want to know if I will get the same experience, I want to know if it's something that I can proudly add to my kit. More importantly, I love the act of running to you and saying "Hey you should try it, it's absolutely amazing!" That's why I find beauty blogging so fun! It never gets old. 

The said, the Revlon Colorstay Whipped Foundation arrived on my doorstep a couple of hours ago. It's one of most requested products for me to review, so I hope I do it justice! I'll let you know what I think of it soon.

For now I will be reviewing the Revlon Colorstay Longwear Nail Enamel (P325). This comes in 30 drool-worthy colors and is supposed to last for 11 days when used with the accompanying base and top coat. Well, I'll tell you now that 11 days is simply unrealistic, but it does stay fresh for four to five days on me. That's not bad considering most nail polishes would disintegrate in three days tops.

The Colorstay nail line includes a gel-like Base Coat and a super shiny Top Coat. I'm not a huge fan of the Base Coat because the polishes take much longer to dry on top of it, plus I get bubbles pa! Very frustrating. In fairness to the product it does prolong the wear of the color on top. It just doesn't help make it look prettier.

The Revlon Top Coat I love to death. It's thin, dries super fast, and smoothens the texture of the color underneath. It extends the wear of the nail polish by maybe a day or two; not as long as the Base Coat would. Together, when used with a Colorstay Longwear polish, you can get up to 5 days of great nails.

The double brush is just the right size for me and fits into the contours of my nails nicely. 

The nail colors themselves feel pretty much the same as the other Revlon nail polishes I've tried in the past. They're opaque in two coats, are not hard to control, and have a fairly smooth texture. Perhaps the main difference is that the Colorstay has a decreased tendency to chip.

And now, here are the swatches of the five colors I have! 

My favorite, Wild Strawberry, a luscious hot pink with fine blue shimmer

Fall Mood looks like a blah bronze in the bottle but on my nails it's more of a bronzed rose champagne. If I just wear one layer it has a more pinkish nude tone.

Stilletto is an opaque, super shiny creme black that I find quite chic. No grungy vibes here!

Marmalade looks orange here but in person I would describe it more of a red mango shade. It's more lovely in summer, I think!

Bare Bones is a dirty white with yellow undertones. I love that it doesn't make my nails look dead or nude. Complex color.

So there you go. I highly recommend the Revlon Colorstay Base Coat, plus Wild Strawberry if you're into pink. If not just get the other colors, they're fantastic too. :P Great collection!