New Avon Skin So Soft Products

My dresser and product storage space are literally close to bursting - and I'm not saying that just to brag. I'm actually in a mild panic about organizing, photographing, and finally using everything I received the past few weeks! I don't know how I can manage all the backlogs what with work plus three events I'm deploying in the next three weeks. -_- Damn I need an assistant.

Anyway! I just want to quickly review the latest Avon Skin So Soft products. I've been a huge fan of SSS since I was in high school, so I'm really happy that Avon is adding more targeted products to the line. My favorite out of the bunch is the Silky Moisture Ultra Moisturizing Body Lotion (P300). It's light and non-greasy, plus it smells like fresh jasmine. That always gets me - I love jasmine in skincare!

There are three new SSS sub-lines:  Soft & White (to help lighten skin), Silky Moisture (for long-lasting moisturization), and Firming & Restoring (to promote vitality and firmness). I can't say if these actually do what they promise, but they are great lotions just by themselves simply because they smell great, moisturize effectively and never feel heavy in our humid weather. Aren't those features all you need in a body lotion?

There are also new hand creams, deodorant and body washes in the mix. 

Hand & Body Lotions are P350 while plain Body Lotions are P300 both at 250ml

Body Washes are P350

So there you go! I highly recommend Avon Skin So Soft Lotions if you're looking for something that you'll finish to the last drop. I ALWAYS empty my SSS bottles, even if I have other lotions! ;) Check out my reviews in the past.

Good night for now! :)

If you're interested in checking out the latest Avon products, you can actually visit their brochure here. You can also follow their Facebook page for updates.