Ferretti Merida Wedges

I'm vain enough to want to appear taller every time I go out but sometimes, I just don't want to pay the price. :P Call it off days, lazy days, whatever. But for every pair of fab high heels I have, I have a "trick" pair that's high but walkable. As in I can trawl a mall in them!

Oh don't get me started on flatforms. I've tried a few but they just don't work for me. They usually don't have an arch which makes walking awkward, plus the design looks off. I much prefer platforms with a slightly higher arch (up to two inches) since they end up being easier to walk in and are more visually appealing.

Snaps approved

So I got these Merida wedges from Ferretti in Glorietta 1 for P1,499 (minus my employee discount teehee). I really don't like spending more than 15 minutes in that store - I get funny ideas! If I just go in and out I'm good. But if I stay longer I usually end up carting something! -_- I was there for an errand last Thursday so I had to wait for some documents.

ANYWAY. These shoes. Are love. They're super light and the upper is quite soft. I like how this style and color make my feet look dainty! That fiber material on the platform is handwoven from Bohol - you've probably seen it in our espadrilles, bags, and ballet flats in the past.

Downside, I'm not fond of that wavy detail in the toe area. It bunches up when I walk.

Other colors: Beige - would look great on lighter skin than mine I think.


Otherwise Merida is a great find. This style has been around for a few months but it's only now that I've taken a good look at it. So that's why we're being deluged by inquiries and reservations just for this particular shoe! 0_0