Tiyo's Cuisine by Chef & Brewer

I'm not a food blogger and I won't start now, but it doesn't mean that I won't talk about food I like. :P A few weeks ago I got to visit this new Asian fusion restaurant in Marikina called Tiyo's by Chef & Brewer. The place is operated by the same people behind Ferretti shoes, so we had a meeting there to discuss business. The usual!

What wasn't usual is the food. We had this chicken sisig wrapped in warm tortilla, drizzled with mayonnaise and mustard. It was heaven! And simple too, if you want to make it at home. I loved the salty, creamy, then sour flavors of the dish. It sounds weird but wait 'till you try it! They say it's perfect with beer as pulutan.

Another weird but wonderful find is this pizza with ingredients of california maki on top. Not kidding. It had seaweed, kani (crab stick), mango, and mayonnaise as toppings. I don't know how the chef did it but man, it was good. All those do-not-compute ingredients worked nicely together.

For drinks, I had lychee shake. I would go back to Tiyo's just for that lychee shake.

We also had pasta made with an olive oil base and some mushrooms. Tasty but I wouldn't say it's unforgettable.

And that's it! I enjoyed my visit at Tiyo's, with its bright, high-ceilinged interiors, homey ambiance, and wonderful food. If you live in Marikina you should go too. ;) Oh they also do weddings and events, in case you're looking. The dining area can accommodate 100 people.

Al fresco area

Tiyo's Cuisine by Chef & Brewer 

29 Almond Nut Street, Marikina East Subdivision, San Roque, 1801

(02) 646 0576

Mon - Sun:12:00 pm-12:00 am