Cheap finds: Facial hair removal tools from Watsons

I was at Watsons Mall of Asia last Sunday, looking for a new pair of tweezers as I seem to have lost my old one. Yes, mundane, but not what I found in the racks! I know this twisty hair removal thing has been around for years now but it's my first time to see it in a drugstore. Plus, it's only P89!

Yes it does look like a torture device but it's super neat. Just twist it into a u shape, apply anywhere on your face where fine hair is growing, then twist in and out. It takes out even the finest hair! I didn't find it painful as I'm used to threading/plucking on my face but if you're a newbie then it will sting a little. 

Truth be told I haven't gotten the hang of it yet. I still have some hair on the sides of my lips because they're difficult to grab with this gizmo. I did find out that it's best to use this tool on a thoroughly cleansed face - no makeup or even moisturizer - so you can grab as much hair as possible! It should also be cleaned after every use to prevent the springs from getting clogged up.

Bye femstache!

Overall, I love this Watsons Facial Removal Tool because it's quick, fairly easy to use, and not too painful. It can only be exclusively used on the face, sadly, but it works wonders. ;) If you're looking for something to groom eyebrows, go for something more precise such as these Flat Tweezers (P45), also from Watsons. These have a rough tip to help grab eyebrow hair better. Love!