New from Guerlain: Fall 2012 Cosmetics Collection

Fall isn't just a season, at least, not when it comes to the fashion and beauty industry. Fall is a change in the overall mood of women, perhaps brought about by the colder weather and longer nights. We adjust our routines and with it our clothing and beauty products. That's why even if there's no autumn in our country, we're still affected by the global fashion zeitgeist during this time of year.

So! Today I want to talk about the Guerlain Fall 2012 Collection which is now available in the Philippines. Everything is beautifully packaged in gleaming bullets and compacts, and the color selection is just wonderfully rich and seductive.

There are two themes: Femme Fatale, which is all about fiery passion in deep red and chocolate colors. In contrast, Femme d' Amour is more romantic and angelic, with rose and dainty pinks in the color story. I found a nice video where Guerlain's National Makeup Artist Marcus Monson showed how we can achieve the looks. Which one are you today? ;)

Here are more photos and pricing info on the featured products!

Guerlain Blush Duo (P2,500). I love the look of these blush duos! Above is Chic Pink, while that's Over Rose below. 

Guerlain ROUGE G L'Extrait Lip Crème Colour (P2,500) comes in seven shades 

Open image in a new tab to see a bigger version

Guerlain L'Ecrin 4 Couleurs eyeshadows (P2,998)

ROUGE G Lipstick (P2,500)

Kiss Kiss Gloss (P1,480)

Lip Pencil (P1,600)

And that's it! Which product do you find the most interesting? I want to check out the new eyeshadow palettes (I've tried one and the formula is fantastic) and the blush duo. Need to skip to a Guerlain counter soon!