Maggie Prescott Pink

Hey hey! It's been a while since I posted an outfit. I wish I have someone who can snap photos of some of my looks (I'm vain, sue me) but it's embarrassing to ask random people I'm with. So I just leave it. But I really like my outfit yesterday so I stuck the camera on a flat surface and posed without shame!

It was a toss between heels and sandals but I wanted more pink so I went with the sandals. They're cute no? I got them for only P350! They're weird though. Everytime I wear them for more than a couple of hours, my feet are sore the next morning (like right now). Might be because they're too thin and flat?

And people say heels are bad for your feet. Pfff.

I should have gone with a lighter-colored bag but I didn't have time to move my current bag's contents. The one I'm liking right now is this new bag from Avon's Manzzini line. It's all about understated chic, plus it can fit a looot of stuff for a thin bag. I imagine people with tablets or mini-laptops would love this. It's a great office tote!

Uniqlo sweater / Ever New skirt / NAVA belt / SM sandals / Pinkbox bangles / Avon bag

Disclaimer: my knees are not this dark! I was standing in shadow so my whole body was maitim. I just fixed the lighting. :P

And that's it really! Hope you like the look!

PS If you've seen Funny Face then you know what I mean with the title. ;)