The sneakiest sneak peek

There's a survey that says that the marketing and PR industry is the #2 most caffeinated of them all. I'm in it and I like caffeine (tea please!) but I don't normally rely on stimulating beverages to get me through the day. But! This month is so hectic that I might need to start smoking tea! (Random, I just googled that and people actually do smoke tea leaves. FYI. Don't do it though, you will still kill your lungs.)

Anyway, I'm planning and hosting two events to be executed in the next two weeks, plus there are so many beauty releases this month. If September is fashion month, October has got to be the beauty month. The holiday season is near so people are starting to shop for gifts and prettifiers to use for the inevitable string of parties. Beauty brands know this so they're either launching or promoting their best products of the year!

I thought I'd show you a sneak peak of what I'll be talking about in the coming days. Here are a few new things I received in the last two weeks - Lucas Papaw and Bioderma from Digital Traincase, Kiehl's, the new Revlon ColorStay nail polishes, and some Revlon lippies that I requested for. I wanted to show you new swatches of shades I like from their lipstick line!

And here are some basic things from Beauty Bar (lip balm, soap, masks), the Clinique Moisture Surge spray (IKR?), and the new Kiehl's fragrance. Oh and if you look to the top left in the photo below, that's the new 100% organic Juice Beauty collection with Alicia Silverstone and the Karl Lagerfeld for Shu Uemura Holiday Collection!

Oh and here's a blurry pic of my first ever Japonesque brush. It's a double-sided brush, meaning one side is synthetic while the other is animal hair. How cool is that? MAC released a brush like this in a limited edition collection early this year (I think) but I didn't buy because it was too pricey. This one from Japonesque is unbelievably affordable given that it's, well, Japonesque. It's only P895! 0_0 Japonesque brushes are usually P2,000+ each but this is a steal considering. So I didn't think twice about it and just bought it while I was at Beauty Bar yesterday.

Okay I'm giddy. I can't wait to start using all these products and of course telling you all about them. As usual, do let me know which ones you're interested in the month so I can give them priority. ;)


PS I feel bad that I haven't replied to comments and your emails lately. I only have a limited time to spend on my blog for now, but rest assured I am reading everything and feeling inspired by your kind words!