Moral lesson of yesterday

Yesterday I was at a lunch meeting with an editor from Working Mom, along with my boss from Pinkbox.

We were happily chatting when Liz Uy and Raymond Gutierrez (who btw truly lost a lot of weight, as advertised!) walked into the restaurant. My boss is interested in working with Liz Uy, so I got up, chatted with her a bit, and asked for her number. I was SO SHY about the whole thing! I admire Liz Uy and consider her a role model. It was a pleasure to finally meet her in person. She is so nice too!

Now there's just a tiny outfit is ok, but it is not Liz Uy-worthy. Lol. I dressed casually because it was just the usual meeting, after all. I wish I dressed up more! So from now on, whenever I am out and about, I will ask myself: is this an outfit I will wear to meet Liz Uy? 

What I'm saying is, you never know who you will randomly meet. He or she can be a past or future lover, your celebrity role model, a friend you haven't seen in eons. So always look good if you can help it!