Avon Anew Genics Treatment Concentrate

There is a dizzying bevy of anti-aging products out there, with extraordinary claims to bring back your skin's youth. How do you find out what actually works? Simple, you try them! After some research on reviews and ingredients, of course.

That said, I want to give you a bit of information about Avon's latest anti-aging product: the Anew Genics Treatment Concentrate (P1,799). It claims to help skin look ten years younger with the help of the brand's patented YouthGen Technology. It is supposed to re-activate one's "Youth Gene", that genetic component in our cells that keeps skin elastic, wrinkle-free, and glowing - young, in other words. 

Sounds too sci-fi? Perhaps, but it is quite intriguing. Promises aside, the quality of the serum itself is pretty good. It's not oily at all, which makes it easily absorbed by the skin. It also has this instant smoothing effect that leaves skin somehow firmer. It feels like a high-end serum from luxury brands that, if you didn't know that Anew Genics is from Avon, you wouldn't have guessed!

Packaging looks expensive and classy

The recommended length of use to see results is 8 weeks.

Just a note: you should adjust your expectations about what any product can do for your skin, because there is only so much a jar of cream or serum can accomplish. Lots of water, lots of sleep, consistent exercise, and a healthy diet can do more for your skin - and body too! - than what you can buy off the counter or even the surgery table. :)

Thoughts? The Avon Anew Genics Treatment Concentrate will be available on March 2012. If you're interested in checking out the latest Avon products, you can actually visit their brochure here. You can also follow their Facebook page for updates.