Red lipstick training wheels: Tony Moly Kiss Lover Lipstick in RD03

Every girl needs a bright and sophisticated red lipstick in her purse. However, not everyone has the chutzpah to wear it yet; red lipstick is an idea one needs to grow and nurture in the mind before it debuts in person. :P If you're not ready to wear a full-on red, then I suggest you try on a "training wheel" red like the Tony Moly Kiss Lover Lipstick in RD03.

RD03 is a juicy cherry red that shies from being opaque. It's red, sure, but it's not the scary kind which makes it perfect for those who are just starting to explore the shade.

It's slinky on the lips and a bit moisturizing, but don't expect it to stay put all day. I give it three hours before you need to retouch.

Wearing the lipstick here

Overall, nice stuff. Tony Moly lipsticks are ok, nothing to write home about, but they really know how to choose the right shades.

Since, we're on the topic already, what's your favorite red lipstick? Mine is the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Fire & Ice. :)