The closet Kate Middleton fan

Yes, that's me. I'm a closet Kate Middleton fan. I don't get rabid like the others do, but I'm certainly an ardent admirer of her taste in style and beauty! She is exactly the kind of woman I want to be someday.

One thing I really like about her is that even though she's a Duchess, and possibly Queen in the future, her style is not snooty and unreachable. Sure she wears designer clothes, but she also has a penchant for high street and even drugstore brands. She's the kind of woman who wears what works for her - whatever the brand is.

In this Kate Middleton photo gallery by InStyle, Kate is seen wearing a pair of Sebago shoes. I am completely in love with my own pair of Sebagos so yes, I can understand why Kate would want to wear such a practical pair for a preppy outfit AND for rowing in a dragon boat.  

Sebago Bala boat shoes

Consequently, in an article of Marie Claire UK last June, Kate was reportedly seen buying a tub of Nivea moisturizer in Boots. She was about to attend a big gala shortly after. Wow, right?

It's nice to think that a Duchess is a fan of an $8 cream. While we're on the topic, I'd like to give you an FYI of the brand's latest anti-aging line called Nivea Visage Q10.

And that's it! What do you think of Kate Middleton?