Tony Moly Berry Lovely Girl Heart Lip Palette

The Tony Moly Berry Lovely Girl Heart Lip Palette (P448) is cute, but at first it hardly looks like something you'll actually use. It looks waaay too much like a toy and reminds me of those "makeup sets" you can buy for kids - bright and fun, but the colors don't actually show up since they're just petroleum jelly.

Well guess who's wrong.

The Heart Lip Palette apparently features Tony Moly's best-selling lipsticks. After using this for a few days, I can totally see why.

What I love about the product

  • Decently pigmented. It starts off as semi-sheer but you can layer for a more opaque finish. Make sure to pile it on.
  • Great color selection. There's a nude, peach, pink, and red that are all quite flattering. My favorite is the peach!
  • Not drying at all, although I would still recommend a lip balm underneath.
  • Doesn't feel waxy.

  • Compact size makes it so handy to bring along everywhere. I normally bring 3-5 lipsticks in my bag these days - sue me, I like being prepared! A lipstick is the easiest way to change your look. I always bring more than one when I know I'm going to different settings. Anyway, this one small palette is great for changing up looks since it has shades that can match anything you can think of.
  • Has a faint candy scent.
  •  Affordable. P448 for five colors you'll actually use is a pretty nice price.

Shade names: PC01, RD02, PKLS03, BE03, PK04

BE03 is a warm-toned nude that won't wash you out. 

PC01 is a milky pink. It might be a bit cool for darker skin, so mix it up with the other colors in the pan and knock yourself out. ;) Try adding a dash of red to it!

PKLS03 is a hot pink, but it's not super bright so it's very wearable. You can tone it down with PC01.

PK04 is a gorgeous pink peach. It's my favorite color in the bunch!

RD02 is a daring, blue-based red. Hot!


What I don't like about the product

  • Lipsticks don't last that long. I give it three hours before they're gone from your lips.
  • Packaging is super cute, but it feels a little flimsy so take care when opening and closing it. It would also be cooler if it had a mirror for quick touch-ups.
  • Brush that comes with it isn't really useful. I use the Charm lip brush! (Awesome brush btw, it's also perfect for traveling).


Charm lip brush


The Tony Moly Berry Lovely Girl Heart Lip Palette is a great product that I'm sure you'll enjoy using, if only because of the kitschy heart theme and the gorgeous colors. ;) It's small but the size makes it perfect for fitting into purses and pockets.


You can bet that this is going to be a mainstay in my bag! I have a confession: my worst beauty nightmare is finding out that I didn't bring any lipstick with me on a long day out. For serious. I'd hate to be seen with great eyeshadow, eyebrows, and skin, but with faded lips! Eeek.

Trivia: my second worst beauty nightmare is going out of the house and not having any perfume on. Perfume is crucial y'know.

So what do you think of this TM palette? Also, what is your worse beauty nightmare?