Vitapack 3-in-1 Beauty Pack

Disclaimer: I'm loathe to recommend oral supplements here given that I don't have any training or background when it comes to these things, but I guess an occasional FYI wouldn't hurt. Use the products at your own discretion and consult your doctor first if you have any prevailing condition.

As you know, there are tons of whitening supplements out in the market right now. One of the latest brands to join the scuffle is Vitapack 3-in-1, a health supplement that comes in two variants: Beauty Pack and Energy Boost Pack. The Beauty Pack contains three pills that supposedly whitens, slims, and boosts the immune system, targeting women who are looking for a more holistic approach to beauty. The Energy Boost Pack, as the name sugests, is designed to give an energy boost and is marketed primarily towards men in the BPO industry.

Vitapack Beauty has three things going for it: first (and most importantly) these pills are designed and manufactured in the Philippines. They are BFAD/ FDA approved, with the ingredients neatly categorized at the back. Two, its ingredients are "natural" in the sense that they have not been overly processed. If you open the capsules, you'll notice solid bits that look like herbs (ex. garlic, green tea, grape seed) and smell like them too. Three, you get three pills in one pack but it only costs P65/pack. I understand that's cheaper than other supplements out there.

I used Vitapack for three days, but since I'm too lazy to keep up the routine, I stopped. The individual pills are quite big so chugging them down takes some effort. I didn't notice any whitening or slimming (one of the pills work as an appetite suppressant) because, well, I just used the product thrice. I'm sure using it for longer will yield some results.

Anyway, for more info about Vitapack, read this article on The Philippine Online Chronicles. It also contains an interview with the product's designer, Art Bautista, who is a a licensed Pharmacist, former Research Specialist, Faculty Member and Chairman of Industrial Pharmacy Department, UP Manila, and the former AVP for R&D of Splash Corporation from 2004-2009. He's a fellow UP Manila Alumni /randomfact.

Vitapack 3-in-1 is available exclusively in Watsons for P650/ box of ten sachets. If you have questions on the product, please go to Vitapack's Facebook Page, the admin seems enthusiastic in addressing concerns.

Soo...what do you think of Vitapack? Will you be trying it or are you still wary of beauty pills in general?


Vitapack 3-in-1 Energy Boost Pack