Closeup Fire Freeze review (and musings about love)

I recently got my hands on this vintage commercial for Closeup toothpaste and mouthwash. I believe this was released in the late 80s, around the time I was born. Truth be told, I think it's half funny! There is that rolling tube of toothpaste which really makes me LOL. The eyebrows, the outfits, the telephone, and the hairdos - they look so outdated. But I also feel nostalgic for the kind of love our parents experienced in their time. I think it was patient and more tender than love as we kids understand it now.
Case in point, the newest Closeup commercial with two teens having a quick nookie in the elevator. Sure it's hot but it's not enduring.
Speaking of Closeup, I'd just like to do a quick review of their latest toothpase called Fire Freeze. I know right, who reviews toothpaste? Before I just grab any tube of toothpaste in the grocery, but after being introduced to Fire Freeze, I think I'm gonna be sticking with it.
I love it because it feels cool and hot in my mouth - at the same time! But other than the superficial, my fresh breath stays on for hours, even after eating. True story. I kept telling Marco, "It's like I have an airconditioner in my mouth! It's so cool!" in an awed voice. Again, true story. 
Will definitely buy this when I run out, but seeing how Closeup gave me an almost year-long supply (kidding but not really), it will be a while. You guys should try it, this toothpase is pretty neat!