Mario Badescu Special Healing Powder

I bought the Mario Badescu Special Healing Powder (P795) on impulse. It looked and felt a lot like T. Le Clerc's famous Loose Powder so I was interested in trying a cheaper version. Now, the MB powder is pretty good at oil control and quite helpful in fighting pimples because of its disinfectant properties. It also has very basic non-comedogenic ingredients - all four of it! It's practically mineral makeup.

However, I don't use this much mainly because I'm anal about how finishing powders should look like on my face - I prefer them to be near translucent (or at least to look like skin) and glowy. The MB Special Healing Powder is matte and opaque. Plus, this powder has a strong, Dr Kaufman smell that really turns me off. Well, it is a supposed to be a sulfur-based powder and I do understand that the smell comes with the territory.

But I can avoid it.

Unblended. It's a white powder, but when you blend it in, it becomes a little more forgiving.

I recommend this for light-medium to light-skinned girls who have troubled skin and need something to help control the acne and the oil. This particular powder is really specifically for acne-ridden or irritated skin and is recommended to be used in problem areas in the face instead of all over.

Otherwise, if you have tolerable skin, there are other anti-oil, non-clogging loose powders out there that has a friendlier smell. 

I may not like the Mario Badescu Special Healing Powder, but it's highly rated on Makeupalley at 4.1/5 - you better check it out if you're interested!

Mario Badescu skincare can be found in Rustans Essences.