Sky blue Parfois heels

I first laid eyes on these Parfois platforms last May, when I became their stylist for the day. I found the shoes a bit pricey though at P2,280, and besides, I was in an accessories craze at that time. 

Good thing I waited! Last Wednesday, I was in Megamall running errands. I decided to drop by Parfois because of the screaming 70% off sale signs, and while walking inside, I was muttering in my head "please be on sale pleasebeonsale pleasebeonsale". It was! I got the shoes for a little over P1,500! 

Thrifted secretary blouse/ Forever 21 embroidered skirt/ Parfois bracelet/ Naccara majorica pearl cocktail ring

I picked blue though because everyone is in salmon/ tangerine pink. I think blue will be the next big color, and anyway I don't own any blue shoes at the moment.

I love that the shoes don't hurt my feet because of the comfortable arch and soft faux snakeskin straps. They're also very stable, so I don't teeter dangerously when I'm navigating a tricky floor. However, I do wish they're lighter. Whenever I'm walking on an incline I feel like my feet are weighed down by blocks. It's manageable though.

And that's that! I'm super giddy about this purchase. ^_^ Can't wait to wear this out again today! If you want to get these, I suggest you go to Megamall since the Parfois branch in Glorietta 4 don't have that many shoes. There are still sizes available, so, GO.