See you at the SuperSale Bazaar this weekend!

Haven't been to a SuperSale Bazaar in a while, actually! But I'm going because Ferretti and our sister brand, Simply Felice, will be there. You guys know I love Ferretti, but you MUST also check out Simply Felice. It's our clothing brand that is only currently available in the Gaisano Mall of Davao, but we're debuting it in Manila tomorrow.

The clothes at Simply Felice fun, girly, and affordable at an average price of P700, but they're not the sort you'll find just anywhere. Of course, the accessories are also worth a gander - they're of the same quality and styles as this necklace I scored last week.

But I guess I better show you some of the pieces you'll see tomorrow. All of them come in very limited quantities so if you like anything, you should go ASAP. ;)

Oh before you go, I'd like to share a discount coupon you can use at the bazaar. You get 10% off when you present it to the Simply Felice/ Ferretti booth. Don't forget to like our Facbeook page, ok?