Zoya Mod Matte Mini Trio

It was a slow hour at work when I saw the Zoya Mod Matte Mini Trio at Digital Traincase. I didn't really intend to buy anything online, but I have wanted to try Zoya and matte nail polish for some time now. I slept on it for a couple of nights but I decided to get the set anyway since P800 for the set is an ok price plus the colors looked fantastic.

Well I was going to write a few more lines saying how I was so excited about this set, but I'll save myself the trouble and say that I am sorely disappointed by these Zoya matte polishes. They are smooth, pigmented, dries fast and the colors looked even better in person. However, even with a base, these nail polishes will chip within a day. If you carry something heavy, or open something with a planed edge, or if you just happen to wash the dishes, several of the nails will already have big chips. :/

Phoebe, Lolly, Mitzi

I read that matte polishes do have a tendency to chip because of the formula, but I thought that since Zoya is a famous and expensive brand, it'll invent a better formula. That is not the case.

Phoebe, Lolly, Mitzi

Phoebe is a cerulean blue with deep shimmer. It's still matte though. What an awesome shade.

Lolly is a deep, hot pink that's bordering on neon. It's a great summer shade.

Mitzi is a bright chartreuse green that makes my fingers look brighter than they are. It works well on my skintone!

I kinda feel bad because I blew P800 on nail polishes that are quite fussy. Still, all is not lost. I can just use a glossy or matte top coat and hope the color stays put. Moral lesson: just stick to normal nail polishes and O.P.I. Well I'm sure Zoya has great polishes but I advise you stay away from the mattes.

Overall, I'm regretting I bought the set. I'd like to give a nod to Digital Traincase though, the service is impeccable! Sol replies to inquiries quickly and ships as soon as you pay. I did business with her before and I will definitely buy from her store again.