Avon True Color Blush in Rose Lustre

I've had pigmented blushes before, but the Avon True Color Blush in Rose Lustre (P370) is probably the scariest of them all. This highly pigmented cheek color provides a beautiful reddish berry flush that would look great on morena skin. If you have fair skin, a sheer stain of Rose Lustre will look pretty natural.

The trick to using this is simple: when you use your blush brush (forget about the brush it comes with, it's useless) take most of the powder out on the back of your hand. This way, the blush will look natural on your cheeks and you can layer when needed.

Lasting power is ok at around three to four hours. You'll need to retouch by midday if you're using this to the school or office, but if you're just stepping out for dinner or an event, no need to retouch. 

I like that the powder is not chalky; it's fine without being powdery. The thing I don't like though is the packaging. It's unnecessarily big and clunky since it had to accommodate the useless brush. Otherwise, this blush is pretty good for P360. If you have a little more to spend on blushes though, I suggest you go for other nice brands with more reliable staying power and better packaging.

Closest dupe of this blush that I have is the Revlon Matte Blush in Blushing Berry

Blushing Berry is less pigmented and slightly pinker than Rose Lustre

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