Friday rush and new arrivals at Ferrett

Here's what I wore to a quick shopping trip last Friday! It's quite no-nonsense since I didn't have a lot of time to go around (was trying to avoid the weekend rush hour traffic!). I was in the mood to buy something since I figured I won't be able to have much fun. I'll be taking on new responsibilities that will leave me very little free time soon. 

Anyway, there was heavy downpour that afternoon so I chose to wear black to fit the mood. Do you do that, pick your color scheme according to the weather? I do! Almost all the time. 

Top from Landmark/ Shorts from Folded & Hung/ Pumps from Ferretti/ Bag from Parfois/ Necklace from SM Accessories

I like the cowl-neck and asymmetrical details of this top. Got it for only P230 in Landmark! Steal.

I realize that my look is kinda drab, so I added a bright-colored bag. Speaking of bags, I saw this site: Neat merch!

Since I mentioned Ferretti anyway, I'd like to share with you some of the new arrivals. Disclaimer: I work for the brand. :) All the Ferretti shoes and bags I featured here since I started working for it have been bought by me. I don't have to do that, but I do, because I genuinely love the brand anyway.

Here's our blog post on the new arrivals. If you're going to get anything, I highly recommend these. They're all less than P1,600 plus the wedges are ultra-light. You have to try them on to believe it! ;)

Have a nice Monday! Please like Ferretti on Facebook, I will be so grateful. :D