Music, beauty, and fashion

Okay, so over the weekend I found two videos I CAN NOT STOP WATCHING. The first one is the music video for Nina Ricci's latest perfume, the Nina L'Exir. It was linked in an event invite for the perfume's launch in the Philippines. It's cute, it's bright, it's lovely. Watch!

So I searched for the singer, Florrie, on YouTube, and I found this song! It's great already, but I just love how elegant and sophisticated Florrie looked in it. This comment in the vid summarized exactly what I feel about it: "Classy pop at last. Am I the only one who's fed up with women singers running around in their underpants with a team of wannabes doing aerobics in the background?" I feel ya!

These two videos, I think, is the perfect combination of music, beauty, and fashion. At least, the kind I'd like to achieve for myself.