Guerlain L'Or Radiance Concentrate with Pure Gold

Guerlain makes some of the most luxurious beauty products out there, and this makeup primer is certainly no exception. The Guerlain L'Or Radiance Concentrate with Pure Gold is a "24-carat gold-infused cooling gel that sinks into the skin, retaining moisture." For me, it's as much as skincare as it is an excellent makeup primer. I highly recommend this if you don't mind spending big bucks for a serum and primer in one bottle.

Personally, I don't like relying on primers to make my makeup stay put. I prefer investing in good makeup with dependable lasting power, since I don't have the luxury of adding one more step in my routine on most days. However, when I need my makeup to look good for more than six hours at a time, it becomes a necessity to use a primer.

The Guerlain L'Or has been a constant companion these past few months, especially in long day trips or important events. It provides an even, smooth base for makeup to stick, and provides instant brightening because of the fine gold flecks. While I still oil up in 4-5 hours even when I use L'Or, my makeup never fades or separates for up to 7-8 hours.

The texture itself isn't thick or oily, quite unlike other primers out there. It also didn't give me any pimples which is a huge plus. Silicone-based primers are the most popular kind these days, but a lot of women is sensitive to that particular ingredient. As far as I know, L'Or  has no silicones.

As with all Guerlain products, L'Or comes beautifully packaged in a heavy glass bottle with a gold cap. I love that the tiny hole in the pump dispenses the perfect amount of product every time - quite a necessity since the product is a runny gel. It smells great, floral with a hint of musk.

I love everything about Guerlain L'Or - the quality, packaging, scent - but the price gives me pause. Still, if you have the budget for a luxury item that can make you feel all beautiful and ladylike just by looking at the bottle, then go for gold. Literally. ;)