Swatches of the latest Majolica Majorca Jeweling Eyes palettes

Majolica Majorca released two new Jeweling Eyes Palettes (P795) in their Sugary Trap Collection - one in bronzy browns and another in candy pinks! So pretty, I tell you. I've been using Caramelisee (BR631) pretty regularly since it's so flattering on the eyes. Sugar Cookie (PK330) is cute, but I have yet to find an occasion to wear it. I promise I'll take a snap when I do!

Both palettes have warm colors that can work with our tan Asian skin. I like that they show up well even without a base, plus the sponge applicator is actually useful. The shimmers don't bother me so much as long as I take extra care in applying the eyeshadows.

Sugar Cookie (PK330)

Caramelisee (BR631)

Overall, these palettes are pretty good! I highly recommend Caramelisee for everyday looks, while Sugary Cookie offers a great pop of color with other neutral shades. :D