Avon Ultra Moisture Rich Moisture Seduction Lipstick review with lip swatches

Ultra Moisture Rich...Moisture Seduction? Yes Virginia, Avon has a new lipstick line coming out this June! The Avon Moisture Seduction Lipstick (P249) is built on their best-selling Ultra Moisture Rich line. They already have a winner formula in the UMR lipsticks, but it seems that the brand wants to push the envelope a little bit further by creating something ultimately more moisturizing.

The Avon Moisture Seduction line has 10 shades ranging from nudes to deep reds. It's infused with white swirls that seem to be lip balm, charging the colors with much-needed moisture.

Ribbons of moisture

What I love about the product

  • Super moisturizing to the next level chuva. It feels like you're wearing lip conditioner. You definitely don't need to slather on lip balm before using Moisture Seduction.
  • Zero flaking and drying. As in zero. I've worn this all day with no retouching and no balm, yet the lipstick still remained moist and emollient. (Note: I don't have dry lips.)
  • Glides on like butterrr.
  • Has a smooth, shiny finish that diminishes lines.
  • SPF15!
  • Pretty good lasting power. Say, four to five hours if you don't touch it. Drinking won't erase the lipstick, but eating will make it fade a little. You'll still feel it on your lips though.
  • For some two weeks, I thought the smell of this lipstick was weird. But then this morning I finally realized what the smell is! It smells like Ferrero Rocher! Well, to me anyway.
  • Affordable! It's only P259 from your Avon lady from June 1 to 30. Afterwards, it reverts to its regular price of P375.

Nude Perfection is a beige-pink nude. This would show up better on fairer skintones.

Silky Coral is a very sheer coral. Nothing special.

Raspberry doesn't really look like a raspberry shade. It's more of a sheer reddish-pink that's an MLBB shade to me. Don't be surprised, the lipstick tube itself is a tan color! Parang magic lang.

Perfect Pink is a sheer, glittery pink color. Again, not remarkbale. What's up with Avon and glittery pink lipsticks? In all the other three collections of theirs that I own, they all have a glittery pink somewhere!

Tangerine looks blah in the photo, but I love this color! It's a peach-orange that looks really good on me.

Rose Ribbons is an everyday rose shade. It's more appropriate for mature women.

Mocha Plum is similar to Rose Ribbons, but it has that plum undertone. Again, perfect for mature women who need work-safe colors.

Fuchsia Fever is a pretty blue-based pink that can be worn by anyone! It's not sheer, but it's not neon either - it's just right.

Red Kiss is a nice red that can be worn sheer or pigmented, depending on your preference.

Deep Maraschino is a bluer, deeper version of Red Kiss. Love it! It's perfect for evening affairs.

What I don't like about the product

  • Lighter shades are quite sheer and doesn't apply as evenly as I'd like.
  • Minor gripe - I wish the bottom sticker shows the shade of the lipstick instead of just the teeny name. UMR did this so they're a lot easier to find in my literal lipstick jungle.



  • Shade selection is just okay. There are some hits, some misses. You'll notice that a few of the colors look very similar to each other with only minor nuances. I wish Avon went for more unique hues.


The Avon Moisture Seduction Lipstick's strongest point is its hydrating power. It keeps my lips moisturized all day - I only have to retouch once. This would be heaven-sent for those with dry, chapped lips. If you have normal lips, go for the UMR, since the shade selection is ace.

I highly recommend the following MS shades to buy: Raspberry (a good MLBB), Tangerine (because it's pretty!), Fuchsia Fever (it's a very wearable fuchsia), and either Red Kiss or Deep Maraschino for your red fix. If you must pick only one or two, consider Tangerine or Deep Maraschino - my absolute favorites.


Love the formula! I can live without it, but a non-flaking lipstick that doesn't need lip balm underneath simply makes my life easier. 

Thoughts? The Avon Moisture Seduction lipsticks will be available on June 1. If you're interested in checking out the latest Avon products, you can actually visit their brochure here. You can also follow their Facebook page for updates.