The Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011 is ON!

I was supposed to go to the opening day of PFW last Sunday, but the weather was terrible due to the typhoon. And, er, I kind of forgot about it. I was playing Dragon Age 2 at the time, which often gives me temporary amnesia re the things I said I'd do. Besides, it's a Sunday, okay. I love fashion, but not enough to go to work for it on a Sunday. Maybe.

Anyway. As usual, The Philippine Online Chronicles is covering the PFW festivities so stay tuned to the Beauty & Fashion channel for updates. Our first post is already up! It's a review of the Human, Kashieca, and Bench fashion show.

Here are the photos:

Read the full review here! 

PS - All photos are taken by Francis Tuason for The Philippine Online Chronicles. Please don't use our photos without permission. Thanks!