Strivectin-SD Instant Retexturizing Scrub

When I first used the Strivectin-SD Instant Retexturing Scrub, I immediately thought: "Oooh! It's a facial in a tube!" My face felt as if it just came out of a 30-minute facial, which is saying a lot for a couple of minutes of scrubbing. My skin was moisturized, smooth ("retexturized"?) and my pores were flushed out.

What I like most about this scrub is that the beads are very fine, so the skin doesn't feel rubbed raw after using it. The product felt gentle on my face, but Strivectin strictly recommends that you use it only twice a week because of its potency. 

I broke out in the first couple of uses. Nothing major though so I don't mind. I can't think of anything negative to say about the product's quality since it does what it promises. As with many skincare products who can make that claim, this Strivectin scrub is expensive. It's available in the Philippines, but I don't know the local price yet (will get back to you on that). Its $45 for a 150ml tube in the US.

Actually that's not too bad. I have a 22ml sample tube which is good for three uses, but I've used the scrub three times and I'm just about halfway. A small, pea-sized amount was enough for my whole face. So if 22ml is for, say, five uses, a 150ml tube is good for 34 uses. Considering it's only recommended for bi-weekly application though, one tube should last for four to five months. 

I want to buy this scrub so I can get rid of my blackheads once and for all, but I don't think this product is for me. Strivectin is intended for mature skin which I don't have yet. :D I'll get around to it in a decade or so, but in the meantime, I'm still on the lookout for a scrub that's appropriate for my skin's age. Preferably something like this Strivectin scrub. Any recos?