Noon at ngayon: Keeping in touch

I'm in our house in Cavite for the Holy Week. You can imagine how extremely boring it is, so I've taken it upon myself to explore some papers stashed away in cabinets and boxes. Like my mother, I had a tendency of being a pack rat. I'd keep all my stuff, especially papers, since I can't let go of this idea that they'll be useful someday. I became a different person when I started living in a condo so I don't hoard everything anymore - at least, not as much as I used to.

While rummaging through notebooks, test papers, and school projects from as far back as seven years ago, I found treasure. It's a stapled-together sheaf of paper where my high school classmates wrote down all their dreams and ambitions. As Editor-In-Chief of our school paper then, I was given the task of writing our Class Prophecy, which was presented in our JS Prom and yearbook. I had to gather all their heartfelt hopes, like scattered seeds, before I wrote about them. It was a few weeks before graduation.

Incredibly long ago

Reading through it got me a little nostalgic. I'm happy for everyone whose dreams came true - one wanted to be a pilot, another an accountant, seaman, chemical engineer. They're all where they wanted to be now. Others were not so lucky. Although I really wouldn't know, since I wanted to be a lawyer and look where I am now.

It's pretty cool how I've sortof kept in touch with my high school classmates though without talking to them in years. I use Facebook! The website may just be a natural way of life for kids these days, but during my time, there was nothing as comprehensive, informative, and connective as it is right now. 

Back then, if you wanted to talk to someone, you call her over the phone, wrote her a letter, or saw her in person. Sure, texting was getting big when I started high school, but it wasn't as indispensable as it is now since not that many people had cellphones. Emailing was out of the question for us. We'd have computers, but we either went to the internet cafe or bought a crappy dial-up connection via prepaid if we wanted to use the internet.

Fast forward to today. I can just go to someone's Facebook profile and see what he/she is up to without breaking a sweat. If I wanted a bit more information, I'll hit up the person using Facebook chat, hence not even needing YM or email anymore! If you're young, you won't get how amazing this is. :P If you're about my age though, it sounds pretty awesome. 

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