What's in Bianca Valerio's bag?

If you know your local fashion ABCs, then you should know who Bianca Valerio is. Aside from being fashionable and multi-talented (she's a makeup artist, TV and events host, and model, among other things), Bianca sets herself apart by being intelligent and incredibly frank. She's honest where other celebrities would play coy. Example: when asked where she got her jacket, Bianca said, "From Hong Kong! It's only P500!" If she said it was from Chanel, we would have believed it.

Bianca has a knack for looking expensive from head to toe, but this girl is a bargain hunter at heart. Her "designer" bag? From a tiangge. Her accessories are only a couple of hundred pesos from Bangkok. Thus, it's no surprise that she agreed to be Colour Collection's Chief Makeup Artist considering her passion for spotting great, affordable finds that work.

I'm sure a lot of girls are wondering what Colour Collection is by now. It's Tupperware's makeup brand! Who would've thought that the plastic container giant dabbles in makeup? Colour Collection is a cosmetics line that balances quality with dirt-cheap prices, a philosophy that Bianca Valerio lives by. 

You don't believe me? Well, look at what's in Bianca's bag!

Drugstore product love: Godeferoy shaving blade, Clean & Clear Oil Control Film, Odors Away Odor Eliminator, Revlon Lipgloss, Maybeline Watershine Pure Lipstick (Natural), Clear Face Intensive Blemish Clear Patch, First Choice Lip Conditioner

Noir Sexy Little Things, Dove Go Fresh Body Mist, Colour Collection Lipstick Sheer Dainty Peach, Clinique Happy, Win Rinse Sanitizer, Vitamin C Spray, Maybeline Angel Lift Ultra Affinity Foundation

And of course, Color Collection! The BB cream looks promising, the lipstick is awesome, and the mascara is surprisingly good. Reviews soon.

Love it. To be honest, I was not expecting a lot from Color Collection makeup. The packaging looks cheap and the makeup doesn't look anything special at first glance. But after using the lipsticks and that mascara that they gave me, I am now seriously impressed. And to think that most of the makeup is less than P400!

It's so amazing how even if you think you know all the makeup brands out there, there are those like Colour Collection that blindsides you and makes you feel like you know nothing about cosmetics. Thanks to Bianca Valerio, we are all the wiser.

The beauty blogging crew lunched at CAV with Bianca and the Tupperware girls