Majolica Majorca Trick On Powder eyeshadow

The Majolica Majorca Trick On Powder eyeshadow (P795) is easily one of the best drugstore brand palettes I've tried to date. The quality is at par with the high-end eyeshadows I have in terms of pigmentation, texture, and staying power. P800 might seem steep, but for me it's already a bargain considering that, say, MAC and Shu Uemura palettes are P2,500!

I've read a lot of raves about the Majo palettes, but I thought that while it's good, it's still a reduced-quality Shiseido product. I haven't tried it then. Thank goodness I was wrong.

What I love about the product

  • Smooth, silky texture. Not gritty or powdery at all since it's finely milled.
  • Highly pigmented, even without a base.
  • Good staying power even with no primer. I would still suggest using a primer though because it will crease a bit without it.

  • Cute packaging. It has a swirly gold print on top of the case. The case is a pearly white color at the bottom.
  • Don't let the tiny case fool you - you get 4 grams of product in the palette. That's a lot (in eyeshadow terms), especially since a little goes a long way.
  • I actually like the sponge applicator that comes with it! It's quite small, but the sponge is dense and applies the eyeshadow evenly. I like that it comes with a liner at the other end.
  • This particular color set, GR750, is flattering on morenas.
  • Majolica Majorca prices are not hiked up so hurrah! According to other makeup addicts, the price is just P100-200 more expensive here. That's fair enough.


What I don't like

  • While the case itself is cute, I am not too fond of the plastic wrappings it comes in. Looks cheap to me. But I guess that's Majo scrimping on packaging to focus on quality.
  • The name of this palette is GR750. It's unimaginative and hard to remember! I hope Majo thinks of better names like, I don't know, Olive Paradise or something.

Beige on the lid, olive on the crease, black on the outer-v and as eyeliner. I used a Youngblood eyeshadow to highlight the browbones.


I highly recommend this palette to anyone, specifically to girls who like shimmery eyeshadows in portable palettes. This one is perfect for traveling or touching up during the day. You don't even have to bring a separate eyeliner - the black shade is so pigmented, it can actually be an eyeliner! You can use it wet or dry. 

I also like that the color combination can go from day to night. You can use the beige shade as a lid wash then line your eyes with the black shade for a pretty day look. Layer a bit of olive if you want more drama. If you want a glam evening look, use the white gold shade on the lid then the black on the crease.  


I love it! If you're looking for a new eyeshadow palette, Majo is the way to go. There are other shade selections. I remember seeing a pink and a brown palette in their SM Makati stall.

So what do you think, does this look like something you'll buy?


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