A gift from Guerlain

Last Thursday, I had the pleasure of finally meeting the product manager of Guerlain and Bulgari, Sigrid Villamil. She's a vivacious, beautiful woman who is obviously passionate about the brand. Over delicious food (thanks Sigrid for letting me know about Chelsea's cookie dough cheesecake!), we talked about Guerlain and how it is one of the oldest brands in the industry, representing quality, tradition, and the ultimate luxury when it comes to beauty.

Guerlain was founded in 1898 by Pierre-François Pascal Guerlain in Paris. His perfumes were so popular that he became the perfumer of the royals, first by the King of France, then by Queen Victoria in England, and also by Queen Isabella II of Spain, among others. Some of the Guerlain scents that are part of perfume history are Jicky (recognized as the first modern perfume), Après L'OndéeMitsuoko, and Shalimar, the flagship fragrance. Read my review! 

The 183-year old house of Guerlain eventually started producing skincare and makeup, the most famous of which is the Orchidee Imperiale skincare line and the Meteorites

Guerlain must-haves: Midnight Secret, L'Or makeup primer, Orchidee Imperiale Cream, Rouge G lipstick, Meteorites, Lingerie De Peau liquid foundation

According to Sigrid, Guerlain believes in beauty - the kind that a woman naturally has and in the things that she uses on herself. Hence, Guerlain products are always in beautiful, luxurious packaging which makes them keepsakes in their own right. Since the brand was originally a perfume house, all beauty products are scented as well. I'm normally not a fan of distinctly scented skincare or makeup, but Guerlain changed my mind about that! All the products have a gorgeous scent, unique, but not overpowering.

That said, I'm excited to incorporate Guerlain in my daily routine! I'm loving the Orchidee Imperiale moisturizer because, on first use, my skin just looked AMAZING. As in, I've never had good skin like this before! Unfortunately, I didn't bring it with me over the weekend (am out of town right now), but I'm already pining after it like an addict. Hay. What an expensive addiction if ever!

Stay tuned for the reviews!