An FOTD, OOTD, of the day?

So yesterday Marco and I went to Makati. He attended a meeting, while I, well, I just tagged along and decided to work outside for a change. 

Marco recently bought a car and he's crazy about it. That's the first thing he'd think about in the morning and the last thing he'd think about at night. It's a Toyota Starlet GT, a rally car with a turbo engine. Yes I know that because he won't stop talking about it. It's supposed to be a rare car, which is why he chose it over a new car, but I don't get it. Men and cars. I just don't get it.

Colorescience pressed mineral foundation, MAC concealer, NARS Super Orgasm blush, In2It brow powder, Urban Decay eyeliner, Shu Uemura eyeshadows, Avon UMR lipstick in Bare It All

So...I first went to this restaurant in Somerset Hotel in Aguirre St., but the wifi costs P600! I was like, are you kidding me? I just ordered watermelon shake since it was too early for lunch. For lunch, I moved to a restaurant across the street called Attivo. It was a quiet, cozy place, tucked away from the rest of Makati. I had this porkchop with a mushroom sauce that was just ok. Hmm, I should really start taking pictures of food. It's hard because I'm hardwired to only photograph beauty or fashion-related stuff.

We went back home to nap and went back out to have dinner at 2nds in Bonifacio High Street. That's our default place to eat if we don't want to try anything new. The interiors feel discreet and relaxing, the wait staff is always friendly, and the food (while extra greasy, my only gripe) is great. They also have free wifi!

Photo borrowed from Our Awesome Planet. Read his review too!

Okay I promise to take photos next time. Anecdote: one time Marco ordered a macchiato and it came with this amaretti biscuit. He gave it to me and it was the best piece of biscuit I've ever had the pleasure to try. I asked the waiter if they sold these biscuits separately, but he said they didn't. I was naturally deflated. But the guy came back and gave me another one - for free! 

One other thing we like about 2nds: since they're still on their soft opening, drinks like juices and soda are on the house. They're not stingy about it too. They'll ask if you want another can of soda or their brewed iced tea.

I'm not a foodie at all since I'm just one of the many people who like tasty food. But if you must get anything from 2nds, go for the steak, one of their sandwiches, or the buffalo lollipops. You'll really forget your diet.

Ok last na. While we were pulling out of the parking lot, I saw Venus Raj!!! She's beautiful, but you already know that. What a great way to cap the day.

Outfit details: Topshop throw over, Warehouse top, Thrifted shorts, Warehouse leggings, POSH Pocket Shoes