Fashion styling diaries

Hi girls! I just want to share something super interesting from the Beauty & Fashion section of thePOC. Alex, one of the writers and assistant stylist to Noel Manapat, has shared some of the lessons and experiences she gained from professional fashion styling. This girl styles KC Concepcion so you can bet she knows her stuff!

Her styling diaries are in two parts. Read and absorb if you're interested in making it in that industry!

Fashion styling diaries (Part 1)

In styling school, I was taken backstage to fashion shows where we were allowed to do those things.  It was a very exciting and humbling experience, and we did what we could to help.  As I came to realize later, though, as a styling student, I’ve barely scratched the surface.


Fashion styling diaries (Part 2) 

I have already shared in the first part of our styling diaries that fashion styling requires working in a fast-paced environment involving high stakes (read: money, time and effort, both physical and mental). If I haven’t scared you off of it yet as a career option, then you’re welcome to read through this basic survival guide, fashioned from months of learning it the hard way. Just remember these and pray you'll make it!

Mariel Nkanta and Alex Lapa