Gommage exfoliator: White Result Exfoliating Gel

Exfoliators are useful in removing product build-up and other accumulated junk on the skin's surface. They also clean up dead skin and pore blockages, two common causes of acne. Nonetheless, you don't actually need to use exfoliators everyday. As with everything else, use them only when you need them!

That said, many exfoliators out in the market now have a tendency to be harsh on skin. Their scrub beads can be abrasive and the formula drying so they may do more harm than good. If you feel that your current exfoliator fits that profile, then perhaps it's time to switch to something more gentle yet equally effective.

Say, the new White Result Exfoliating Gel (P300 ish), for instance. It is a gommage exfoliator that starts out as a gel and dries to form physical scrub.

This Exfoliating Gel is mostly water infused with botanical extracts like bilberry, sugar cane, and citrus fruits. It also has moisturizing ingredients and film-formers in the ingredients. Once it's massaged (a minute or two), it becomes this soft, papery film that scrubs out all the junk on your face.


Thw White Result Exfoliating Gel starts out as a cloudy gel

It feels like water on your face when you start massaging it on skin

Then it turns like this. Don't worry, that's not actually skin coming off. The scrub particles are effective in removing dirt - you'll see them darkening as you rub them in.

Pretty cool right? I didn't experience any breakouts with this so yay for that. It cleans effectively with no fuss, although it does take some time - five minutes plus plus - before you can get the results you want. It's quite relaxing anyway so the time you spend rubbing it in shouldn't be a bother.

Overall, great stuff! It's affordable and effective. I'd say it's the steal version of the Japanese cult favorite called Cure Aqua Gel. ;) Cure is much more expensive than this so White Result is a great deal. The downside is, it may be difficult to find since it can only be bought from your Tupperware dealer. Hope you find one!

White Result lunch for the press

The bloggers, May Samson of Tupperware, and White Result brand managers

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