Five ways to give yourself a makeover this season

Ahh, December. It’s the month where frenzied shoppers stake out bazaars and mall sales as if shopping for the end of the world. It’s also the season for Christmas parties and family reunions. That’s why this month is the best time to give yourself a makeover - everything is on some sale or discount, plus you need to look your best for the barrage of parties coming your way anyway!

So, here’s some friendly advice on how you can change your look to match not only this season, but for the whole new year ahead.

Get an updated hair cut. A new hairdo can profoundly change the way you look to other people as well as yourself. That’s why a smashing cut is a must-have if you want to reinvent yourself. If you’re not ready for new hair though, you can just style or color it differently; ask for the advice of a hair stylist like, say, Lourd Ramos of Creations Salon (Glorietta 5).

Pay your dermatologist a visit. Chances are, the stress of preparing for Christmas is already showing on your face. Have your derma perform a bit on magic on your skin - a simple facial will do, but you can go for more intensive treatments like light peels, laser, and oral medication (for acne and other applicable skin problems). The best gift you can give yourself this Christmas is great skin before the year ends. Don’t scrimp! I love the House of Obagi.

Overhaul your closet. It’s time for new threads! You can be cheap when it comes to trendy dresses that you plan to wear only once or twice, but do invest in items that you can wear beyond one-time parties. Also, use the next year’s trend guides when buying your new pieces. I hear that 60’s and 20’s style will be huge in 2012!

Invest in new shoes and bags. You want to get those classic, heavy-worker pieces that will survive trends as well as daily wear and tear. I believe that these accessories pull your whole look together!

Be adventurous with your makeup. Try a look you’ve never done before and you just might be surprised that it actually looks great on you! If you’ve never worn a true red lipstick then now is the perfect time. Wear colorful smoky eyes when you go on evenings out. Sky’s the limit. That’s the beauty of makeup - you can take it off anytime!

If you follow my advice, you’ll look like a whole new woman in no time! However, please don’t forget that even though you deserve a treat (or ten) this season, you still have to be responsible when it comes to swiping that credit card. ;) It can be a challenge to fight the urge to just buy all the marked-down stuff this month but you can do it! Just think that you can always get something better next time. Set a budget and stick to it, for your sanity and financial well-being.

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