Pinkbox CHIC Collection

After lunch at Greenbelt 5 yesterday with friends, I stowed away to visit the Pinkbox kiosk at the third floor. I actually didn't know there was a branch there until Kira pointed it out! Silly me.

Anyway, I immediately gravitated towards the earrings collection. I haven't seen them before in any store, and to be quite honest they were beyond that I expected since the last time I visited! I like the price points, too - most of them are in the neighborhood of P200 only but they didn't look cheap to me.

Bow earrings with tiny details


Here are my top picks! There is literally more than a hundred other designs but I just snapped away at those that immediately caught my attention.

Faux tortoise shell with textured metal detail

Love these huge tear-drop earrings with this texture peach glass

Normally not my type but I like the delicate pink shade 

Faux tortoise shell again

Cute cross

If you want to see more, you can view the Facebook album for these earrings here. I regret that I didn't buy the teardrop earrings, but I'm sure there will be new ones next time. So, hope you can drop by a Pinkbox store soon! You can also Like us on Facebook for new arrivals, promos, and what nots! You can also follow Pinkbox on Twitter if you're more active there.


PS Yes, I am now a brand consultant for Pinkbox! You can email me (liz at your comments and suggestions, as well as things you'd like to see in the store next time. Would love to hear about it!