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Tony Moly Backstage Paint Eye Pot in Lavender

I don't use cream eyeshadows by themselves because they're harder to work with and blend perfectly. However, they make excellent bases for powder eyeshadow. They increase the intensity and lasting power of the top layer - of course, provided that you're using a cream product that's not too emollient and oily.

That's what I like about the Tony Moly Backstage Paint Eye Pot (P448). It dries up quickly and doesn't slide around on my lid. I like that it doesn't dissolve with water or sweat. It does crease and fade, but powder eyeshadow helps.

Has a detachable liner brush in the cap if you want to use this as eyeliner


I have the shade in Lavender so I don't get to use it on a normal day, but I bet that a creamy beige color will work really well as a base for daily use.

Overall, the Tony Moly Backstage Paint Eye Pot in Lavender isn't a bad cream eyeshadow for the price. If you're not a fan of that type of lid color, this will make a great base as a neutral shade.

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