Grab your Grubbies at the Global Pinoy Bazaar

It's time to shift the spotlight to a new player in the indie fashion scene: Grubbies! It's not flashy or glamorous like the other brands that I've been writing about lately, but that's precisely the beauty of it. Grubbies, to put it simply, is a clothing line for busy women.

I find the concept intuitive. You ever have those moments when you just want to grab something comfortable and go? You don't want to dress up just going to the grocery, a hangout with friends, or to your workout. You just want something you can sweat in and still look presentable. You need play clothes.

And that's what Grubbies has - play clothes. They're the thing to wear for getting down and dirty without looking like a pulubi. Hehe. Dramatic but you get the drift.

Anyway, hope you can drop by the Grubbies booth at the Global Pinoy Bazaar, November 5-6 at Rockwell Tent! I would super appreciate it if you can support this new project I'm working on. Grubbies are affordable at P550 to P1,200 per piece; small change for clothes you'll probably be using until you get tired of them. ;)

Now if you can't go to the bazaar, Grubbies will be available in Catalogue 63 soon and in a pop-up store in Salcedo Village, Makati. I'll share more details when I have them.

In the meantime, please like Grubbies on Facebook! Thanks, guys. Support Pinoy!