Clinique Lid Smoothie Antioxidant 8-Hour Eye Colour

Let's make this Clinique Day! Since I just posted about the last Clinique Party, I thought I should also post a review of their newest product to hit the Philippines: Lid Smoothie Antioxidant 8-Hour Eye Colour (P1,550). It's a liquid eyeshadow that comes in a tube with a cooling silver applicator. It also promises to have ingredients to soothe skin and fill in lines.

I think the applicator is a cool (literally and figuratively) add-on, but overall, I can do without it. It's easier to spread the eyeshadow with a finger or a concealer brush instead of trying to use the silver tip to even out the color. 

As for the eyeshadow itself. It's sheer, like most of Clinique's eyeshadows. Clinique is a brand that's all about natural-looking makeup so I'm not surprised!

What Pinkgo Biloba does for me is to give my lids a pink, healthy shimmer that immediately brightens my eyes. It's also actually a neat shade for highlighting the tops of your cheekbones and nose bridge - it reminds me so much of Benefit High Beam! Same effect, almost the same shade. Clinique is more pink.

Heavy layer

Blended out

The Clinique Lid Smoothie dries quickly and doesn't slide around during the day. However, it doesn't stay crease-free for eight hours. I'd give it four to five hours, tops, which isn't bad to begin with. If you intend to use it all day, I suggest you top it with eyeshadow and/or wear it with a proper eyeshadow primer underneath.

Clinique Pinkgo Biloba worn with a matching pink eyeshadow on top. It made the pink pop out more and stay on longer!

Overall, the Clinique Lid Smoothie Anti-Oxidant 8-Hour Eye Colour is a nice addition to your makeup kit. It's not just eyeshadow, but Pinkgo Biloba can also be used as a face highlighter, even to pat on top of your lipstick just to give it a bit more zing (I suggest in top of nude or a hot pink shade!). Girls who prefer natural makeup will find this indispensable in their routine.

However, if you have really oily lids and prefer opaque eyeshadows, there are other options out there. For me though I love using the Lid Smoothie when I don't want to bother with eyeshadow blending or brushes - I just pat this on and voila! Instant bright eyes.

What do you think? Is this something you're likely to buy?