A closer look at Avon's premium accessories line

I love Avon accessories because they don't tarnish easily and the styles transcend trends. I actually have accessories from Avon that are almost two years old now, and yet they're still very much wearable! I even sometimes see magazine editors in events wearing those same accessories. True story. These are fashyon people ha, and still they would go back to their favorite Avon pieces.

Anyway, I just want to share closeups of Avon's designer line. I already talked about the designers and inspirations here, so this time I'll just show you the photos. They're lovely, as you can see! My favorite is the House of Ungaro collection just because I love flowers and I'm a girly girl. The Shaill Jhaveri line is also gorgeous - it makes me think of Atlantis for some reason!

Ok ok enough talk. Here be photos!

Parisienne Bloom Necklace, P699

Parisienne Bloom Ring, P699

Parisienne Bloom Earrings, P450

Parisienne Bloom Bracelet, P699

Through the Looking Glass Necklace, P499

Through the Looking Glass Ring, P499

Through the Looking Glass Earrings, P450

Through the Looking Glass Bracelet, P550

Magic Collection Necklace, P499

Magic Collection Earrings, P499

Magic Collection Ring, P499

So of course I have to ask: which collection do you like best? If there's one thing you like the most, what is it?