1, 021, 237 Filipinas trust Sunsilk 's hair expertise

I think that every Filipina has tried Sunsilk at some point in her life. Af†er all, it's affordable and it works! It's one of the few brands that prove you don't have to spend a lot to get the results you want.

My expert-touched hair courtesy of Sunsilk!

In the social media scene, Sunsilk has built a 1 million plus following on their Hair Experts Facebook page by giving useful tips and tricks in hair care and styling. With the help of Shape & Lengths Expert Teddy Charles, Dry & Damaged Hair Expert Thomas Taw, Straight Hair Expert Yuko Yamashita, and Hair Fall Expert Dr. Francesca Fusco, women could get help for any hair problem they experience.

There are also tons of promos and freebies for followers, which included concert tickets and exclusive passes to the Philippine Fashion Week; to iPad and iPod Touch giveaways; and expert makeovers in Paris, Tokyo, and New York.
So yes, if you haven't liked Sunsilk's Hair Experts Facebook Page yet, now is the perfect time! Get tips and free stuff - it can't be better than that.