Food Wishes

I love makeup and clothes but hey, that's not all there is to me. So I think I'll be posting something not beauty related every weekend from now on. A change of topic is always fun for everyone.

So! I found this website called Food Wishes some weeks back and IT IS AWESOME. I like all the recipes, although I can't cook many of them because I don't have a food processor, outdoor grill, and oven (I should definitely get an oven soon). Still, I love watching Chef John's videos because of his clear and concise way of explaining things. He's like the Lisa Eldridge of cooking, if you know what I mean!

Chef John's Bacon Ranch Chicken Skewers

I got inspired after marathoning Chef John's videos so I decided to cook some of his recipes. Take note, they're just, at best, approximations of what he made. The exact ingredients were not immediately on hand so I made do with what I found in the supermarket.

This dish is very loosely inspired by the recipe below. I couldn't find cherry tomatoes and fresh basil so I just made a salad. I also didn't find swordfish so I used salmon. As for the dressing, I used my balsamic vinegar-olive oil mix - I explained how I make it in this post.

I also made an inside-out grilled cheese sandwich according to Chef John's technique. I used cheddar and baguette, but the latter was a mistake. It should definitely ONLY be thick white bread because the crusty baguette somehow lessens the taste and sensation of cheesiness. It's too thick, as well.

And so there you have it. I'll update you with my cooking adventures once I have an oven - and more time to cook at leisure, lol. 

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, ok!