Friday night out

I very rarely go out with my friends, which something I should definitely change this year. I have to stop being lazy about going out of the house no! So last Friday, I got Mara, Kira (plus Mark), and Ozy to have dinner and just chill. We went to Ristras for the homey Mexican food.*

Bad lighting, huhu

I wore a pair of one-of-a-kind leggings I got from Streets of Seoul. It has a mesh front with strips of black crisscrossing it, while the back part is actually opaque. Rad! It instantly adds an edge to any look. I got a lot of compliments because of this. Sadly, you can't get another one if you're interested, since it is literally only one piece at the store.  Still, you ought to visit since there are other great finds.

Thrifted leather jacket/ Hanes t-shirt/ Thrifted bodycon skirt/ Streets of Seoul leggings

Have you been to the (relatively new) Starbucks at The Fort, at 32nd street? It's my fave place to hang out because it's large, not too stressful (although the crowd can really swell at certain times), and I like the chairs. Another place I like to go to is the newly-opened White Hat on top of Fully Booked, High Street. The yogurt is great, although I wish they would invest more in chairs. I'm sure a lot of people like reading their newest book in a comfy spot.

Okay okay I stop rambling now. Here are a couple more photos:

Until next time!


*If anyone from Ristras happens to drop by this blog, I have a huge favor to ask: please stop providing thin paper plates for dining in! I can cut through those flimsy things with that plastic knife you give out! As much as I want to eat more often there, it's hard not to be iffy about something as basic as that.