A trip to Makati Wellness Studio

I paid a visit to Makati Wellness Studio after I went to the Paul & Joe private sale. Thanks to Google Maps, I was able to find the place and was delighted to know that the spa is just a short walk from The Prestige building. Once I stood on JP Rizal corner Antipolo St, I got a bit lost as I didn't see anything that looked remotely like a spa. Fortunately I saw a big sign that points to where MWS is - apparently it's upstairs atop Chowking, unmarked except for the sign.

The spa is clean, cozy, and welcoming. The services are very affordable (starting from P119 with the most expensive treatment at only P800), perfect for women on a budget. Of course, don't expect high-class, chic interiors - the floors are made of wood and is quite thin (you will hear every single footstep reverberating) and the treatment room looks a bit crowded.

Feet/leg treatment area

Super comfy chairs

I had the Coffee Facial Treatment (P499), Diamond Peel (P799), and Foot Spa (P299). I was supposed to get a massage too, but only male masseuses were around that day so I skipped it.

We started off with the facial. It's very gentle and I didn't feel any discomfort as the assistant scrubbed my face. The product smells just like a hint of coffee. She cleansed my face afterward and put it under a warm steamer.

The Diamond Peel was interesting. She removed all my blackheads and whiteheads (concentrating on the nose area) and then applied a gadget with a rotating metal circle with what I presume have diamonds embedded in it. Sounds scary? No worries. It didn't sting or hurt at the least bit, but it was a little rough. As the receptionist aptly put it: "parang vacuum cleaner lang po". After the exfoliating, the assistant applied soothing masks and then SPF lotion (upon my request).

At first I was worried that my face would majorly peel, but since the treatment wasn't chemical I didn't have that problem. I did peel though just a couple of days after the treatment but it wasn't major and I welcomed it. I noticed a lightening of blemishes immediately.

The Foot Spa was very relaxing. The male attendant scrubbed, kneaded, and moisturized my feet after he soaked it in a mini-foot bath. I loved how my skin there felt very smooth afterwards. I didn't get a pedicure though because the attendant was also out that day.

So, let's go through a short rundown of my Makati Wellness Studio experience:

What I love about it 

  • The Diamond Peel is amazing. It lightened my blemishes (my arch enemies) just within a few days of the treatment. I didn't break out, too! Definitely a must-try, especially at the cheap price of P799.
  • The staff was quiet, attentive, and discreet. I don't like being chatted during treatments like this.
  • Clean interiors.
  • Sanitary staff. There was no double-dipping or reusing of applicators.
  • Pocket-friendly prices.

What I don't like about it

  • The floors need work. They are too thin, so you can really hear and feel footsteps whenever someone walks around. This doesn't make for a relaxing environment, which is what I imagine people would want when they go there.
  • I like how the reception/ foot spa area looks classy. However I'm sure MWS can improve the interiors of the treatment room.
  • Unbranded creams and lotions used on me. I'm not sure if all spas use unnamed and unlabeled products (they may have a direct supplier), but I would really appreciate it if I knew the name of the products used on my face.
  • The whole staff isn't in all the time, so if you want a particular treatment, you better call ahead and ask them if someone can attend you according to your preferences (male or female). Set an appointment.



Makati Wellness Studio is perfect for women who would like to just chill for a few hours, with attentive attendants at their beck and call - without breaking the bank. I highly recommend the Diamond Peel. It did wonders! It's definitely something every woman should have at least once a month.


If MWS wasn't so out of the way for me, I would definitely go back for the Diamond Peel. As it is, I'll try to find a nearer facial center (somewhere in The Fort area) because I love how the Diamond Peel improved my skin. Any recommendations?




Moisturizing Facial (P399)

Oil Control Facial (P420)

 Coffee Facial Treatment (P499)

Diamond Peel (P799)

Foot Spa with Pedicure (P299)

Hand and Foot Paraffin (P249 per area)

Express Manicure (P119) and Pedicure (P149)

Nail Art (P20 per nail)

Swedish Massage (P250),Shiatsu Massage (P250)

Swedish + Shiatsu Combination Massage (P299)

Shiatsu + Accupressure Massage (P399)

Traditional Filipino Massage (Hilot, P399)

Aromatherapy Massage (P399).

Wart Removal Treatment (P500 per area with a maximum of 20 warts, P25 per wart in excess of 20pcs.)


Disclosure: treatments were provided for free.