Charm Luxe Baby Buki brush

This, my friends, is perhaps the cutest thing that you'll see today.

The Charm Luxe Baby Buki brush is a small kabuki made of super soft synthetic hair. You might be wondering, what am I going to use a tiny kabuki brush for? Won't that take me extra time and work to cover my face? Well that's the thing. Baby bukis are not meant to use for full-face makeup. It's for hard to reach areas by your bulky normal-sized kabuki brush like the sides of the nose and under the eyes.

This baby buki can be used for powder and liquid makeup due to the synthetic hairs. It packs color on nicely and evenly without eating the powder, while it spreads liquids/creams without streaking.

It's the right softness, density, and size for me. It also comes in a super cute sturdy pouch to keep it clean and in shape while in your bag. If you don't intend to travel with it though, you can just use the pouch as a coin purse!

I don't have the price info yet but it should be available on the Beauty & Minerals site soon.

Sophie does it again!