Exclusive dresses at COEXIST

I received a lot of inquiries about the "mystery store" that carries the dress that I earlier gushed about. It's not much of a mystery, since it seems that even though it was the first time I heard about it, the store is already popular! The name, ladies and gents, is COEXIST.

I wouldn't have spotted it inside the huge department store of Robinson's Midtown if Kira didn't go to the rest room. Coexist is right beside it, but don't worry, it's all classily set-up. It's along this area called the Runway, where fashionable and non-mainstream brands are displayed.

This is the first dress that caught my eye:

Lovely! And then comes the price tag:

It's far above what I would normally spend for a single dress, to be honest with you. The thing about Coexist though is that the fabric is really nice (the Wendy dress is made of fabric similar to the ones used in the Kamiseta x Liberty collaboration last May) plus the pieces are well-made. You'll know when you touch and wear them! Just a bit of caution though - not all the stuff in the store are worth their prices.

There's definitely more hits than misses! 

This is a more practical and wearable version of the dress I wanted

Lace and pleating

How do you feel about midriff tops?

COEXIST is a store worth looking into if you want dresses that you won't see from anywhere else. According to their site, they only make and import clothes in limited quantities. You can also have pieces bespoke should you desire.

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