Slow-ish Saturdays

I haven't stepped out of the condo since I got home on Thursday. Yes, you heard that right. I can live on what's in the pantry and what's on the Internet. At this point I don't know how to describe my life - some parts boring, amazing, sad, exciting, empty, happy - the list goes on. I evaluate my life by every week I spend it. Was this week great? Or sucky? Or just meh. It's dynamic, and I guess that's a good thing.

My doodle

So how was this week? Let's see. 

  • Monday: New arrivals day at Ukay Manila. Always a busy day. Went out in the afternoon to shop for two week's worth of stocks for the store. Then, I attended the Pond's private launch at the Manila Peninsula Hotel in Makati.
  • Tuesday: Went to the Vibal office in QC for a meeting. My gosh, QC is sooo far. The meeting was less than 30 minutes while the travel time was 2.5 hours.
  • Wednesday: Office day. Or marketing consultancy day. I'm always in Ortigas every Wednesday.
  • Thursday: Meeting with potential clients in Makati. Blogging stuff. Hope the deal pushes through! Then I met Sasha at Felix (in GB5) for some (non-alcoholic) drinks and talk. Hay, we should really do this more often. Felix's cantaloupe shake is heaven. Overpriced heaven, but still!
  • Friday: Didn't take a single step out the door. Worked and played Xbox, mainly.
  • Today: Also didn't go out. I just worked and then played with the new apps on my iPod.
  • Tomorrow: Event at Robinson's Midtown. What a far, but I loved shopping in that place when I was in college - UP Manila was just next door! I'm excited to see what's new at the stores. I haven't done my "offline research/ survey" for a while now.

And that's it. I think this week is pretty nice overall. There's been no major setbacks, thank goodness. Anyway, what do you think, should I write more personal posts like this? Or is this too off? Sometimes I'm in the mood for stuff like this, but since I abandoned by personal blog, I have nowhere to put 'em.

How was your week? Great? Horrid? Do share!