Sally Hansen Hard As Nails

I got the Sally Hansen Hard As Nails polish as part of the goodie bag during the Insta-Dry launch. I've been using it regularly since then! It's a basic product to make your nails look well-groomed and healthy in a jiffy.

What I love about this product

  • Has a watery texture and applies thinly
  • Dry in a couple of minutes
  • Doesn't chip for five days by itself since it adheres closely to the nail

  • Designed to be a base coat to prevent chipping. It does help, since it has a smooth surface
  • You'll be hard-pressed to get a messy application! Just one dip and one coat is enough to get glossy nails.
  • I bite my nails a lot, so this is actually a pretty good (unintended) deterrent when I want to grow my nails! I like that they grow thicker, especially the tips, when I use this.

What I don't like

  • Has a very, very strong acrylic smell that hurts my nose. Sadly it takes a long time to completely dissipate. 


If you're a natural nails kind of gal, this is a nice, non-sticky, foolproof product to use to get instantly glossy nails. It's nice that it doesn't chip quickly too. It wears comfortably, like it's a part of your nails. It's a good base; Insta-Dri nails chip quite a lot, and this product helps it last longer.

If you're very sensitive to strong smells, this may not be for you.


It's a solid, basic nail care product. I'm really lazy to paint my nails on a regular basis, but nonetheless, I need them to look in top shape - that's where this product comes in. I'll probably purchase when I run out. If you have pricing info, I would definitely appreciate your comment below!