Thoughts on a Sunday

I really really need to start exercising again. I used to do circuit training with resistance bands, but stopped when my schedule was majorly disrupted. The routine was pretty effective - my tummy slimmed down and my arms, for the first time in my whole life, had defined muscles. All that is gone now due to spiraling inactivity and too much rice.

Aside from the nice body though, exercising did something for me that no pills or slimming coffee could possibly do - I had strength and vigor. I felt light. I could carry my Macbook and kilos of groceries with no trouble. I could go up flights of stairs without huffing or breaking into sweat. I feel less sluggish and more productive in work.

More than a slim body, the strength I get from exercising is important. I promise to exercise everyday or every other day again. You should too, if you aren't already!